1. Why not try and ask your IT to install that program on your office PC/laptop. As long as its a program that improves you efficiency at work and you have your manager approval or either, they should not have a problem installing it for you. That way, you are not breaking any rules or creating reasons to get fired.

  2. why in world you want to install any software you want on company computer.
    you aren’t administrator, no tricks, you won’t by pass.
    ask your system administrator.

  3. This Trick is depend on security policy of ur company and also depend on which type of software u want to intall.
    “But I have a trick ”
    “First u creat a folder on primary drive C:”
    and u give full permission creted folder”
    For Permision rights Go property of creted folder and the click Security and add ur user name ” click Add Button .
    Then Install ur software in created Folder if any error comes prees ignore.
    I thnink Ur sofware should be success fully install.

  4. Depends. If its a company computer(who knows what they are doing) there are going to be some limitations on it, and probably no way to get it. Most company machines have had administrative passwords changed, and use active directory to control users and their access. If that was the case, your “bypassing” would not be good(and noticed).
    Sometimes, when people are really lax, they will forget to change the administrative account’s password(and create an administrative account of their own). In which case if you booted it in safe mode you could simply enter no password. However, any IT person whos worth anything would certainly have changed the base administrative accounts password. There are other more complicated ways to get the password(involving a boot diskette), but really, if its a company machine its not worth it.

  5. only way is to have administrator rights yourself….and you obviously don’t so you’re out of luck

  6. No, Unless you know the admin password and want to get fired. They are there for a reason. Contact your IT department.

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