1. In your browser go to your D-Link routers IP address. The address is normally, if it isn’t you can find it by finding out what your default route is on your computer and that will be the D-Link IP. (hint: use the ipconfig command in a dos box).
    Once you’ve accessed the router you will be prompted for a login and password. D-Link usually uses admin/admin or just admin and blank. If that doesn’t work your dad has likely changed the password and you can try to guess it or try to access it using your dads web browser where hopefully the password is saved.
    Once in there go to the Advanced tab at the top and look at the Firewall and Filters buttons on the left to try to find the rule your dad created to block your Internet access. It should be obvious which one it is, just uncheck the checkbox to disable it.
    If you find you cannot access your dads router you might try doing a hardware reset on the device by holding in the reset button, however if your Internet connection needs any special setup (like a PPPoE user/pass) then you will wipe that out and your Internet connection will have to be setup again so I do not recommend you do this.

  2. you need to access the router you can do this by looking under the router there will be a ip number under there and a password although i guess these have been changed by your dad if they have and you dont know them then you are stuffed unless you reset the router by pushing a thin object i.e. pin into the pinhole on the back of the router and then you will be able to access 1. the router with afor mentioned ip number and password or 2. just access the internet 24/7 it would be best if youdid the first one then you could chage the pasword and user name and no one would know any different

  3. Son, you are grounded, and I am cutting back your internet access so you can only get to nickelodeon.com.
    -Your Dad

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