How to disable keypad lock feature on Nokia GoPhone?

Question by donmanes11: How to disable keypad lock feature on Nokia GoPhone?
Have basic Nokia phone for wife’s emergency use. It has automatic keypad lock feature. Want her to be able to perform only four functions: turn on, turn-off, dial/call, and answer. Since she can’t master the “unlock” maneuver, giving her this phone is like having no phone. Want to go from turn-on to dial without having to unlock keypad.

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Answer by Jason
Not sure how Nokia does master resets but on other devices like HTC if you master reset (hard reset) it restores your device back to the manufacture defaults as it was when you took the phone out of the box when you got it. So if PTT was not enable and the icon was not on the screen when you took it out of the box then a reset should put it back in that condition with no icon.

Unless a Nokia skimps out and doesn’t actually do a real master reset. Which you could be right since they only mention menu in the description.

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  1. Well since we do not have a model number to go with then I am unable to give the exact instructions for your device. Most Nokias are pretty similar though and it should go something like Menu>Settings>Phone Settings>Automatic Keyguard and then select Off

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