1. using torrents IS NOT illegal At all…as many software houses now use torrents to host their files/patches/updates etc…..
    you could just try calling yer isp and request any restrictions to be lifted.

  2. okay 1. ISPs cant “block ports” only cap them two on your torrent thing Utorrent bittorrent wat ever search on google how to port forward. and on you tube “make bittorent faster” torrenting is illegal and i cannot provide any answers that may cause offences. i can only give hits for more info email me.

  3. The ISP doesn’t want to get sued by the movie studio when you download the illegal copies of the movies. So the answer is they will do whatever they need to to protect themselves, and turn you in in the process.

  4. i have a problem my server does not respond to torrent sites its ilke i cant download the stuff it works only 4 certain period of time night 11 to morning 8 how can i unblock this

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