How To Unblock My College Web Filter, That Stops Downloads?

I know how to unblock websites, thats no problem, but when it comes to downloading programs it blocks me doing it. Because when the .exe file extension is used it does it automatically.
Any ways of sorting this out?
Cheers guys!


  1. try and get your programs dled as compressed folders, such as rar or zip files. The exe file extensions wont be noticed by the filters that way

  2. any proxy you get will be blocked soon and it could have other consequences such as your college expelling you for be too dumb to realize that d/ling is blocked to keep bad stuff off their network.

  3. If you downloading with torrent, you can actually use uTorrent to encrypt the data. This methods seem worked for me on several occasions.

  4. I would contact your College’s network administrator, theres a reason for that. So their students dont download any games or pornography on their machines. Or some other prohibited programs that are not for school use. If however you can prove that the program is beneficial for you learning you can ask your Network Admin. My advice is to not use school computers for personal use. As you can get in trouble for it.

  5. Colleges have set up filters to stop people like you from trying to do what you are trying to do. If you want to download programs do it on your own computer. If you havent got one, save up. Why do you think colleges would let all and sundry ruin their expensive equipment by downloading loads of rubbish.

  6. your college web filter was set up there for a good purpose. i dont think you’d face good consequences if you are caught downloading executables.
    so i suggest you stop defeating it and download the files you want using your own PC.

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