How To Unblock Myself On The Friend’s Block List In Facebook?


Go to Settings > Privacy Settings and find their name under “Blocked People and Apps” and click on “Remove” next to his/her name.

The “Blocked People and Apps” is all the way at the bottom of the page in the center.

If you want to “be friends” with them back, then add them as a friend again.


  1. He obviously blocked you for a reason. Let it go. If he wants to unblock you then he will. There is no way to unblock yourself unless you sign into his account and remove yourself. Which can get you in trouble if you do it without his permission

  2. You can’t unblock yourself from his block list !
    at least you went into his account, if you did so go to privacy setting and you will see the list of blocked people

  3. i just made a fan page and one of the facebook users raported me from being abusive how will i change it???

  4. I’m not sure if I blocked this person on accident. We aew not friends we were just sending a message back and forth to each .So can we block each other without being on each other’s friend page? What did the word “report” outside his name mean when he sent me a message??

  5. hey my girlfriend has blocked me. nd i want to see her profile nd wanna talk with her on facebook. can u give me ideas for that plz. its very urgent for me..

  6. you just change your facebook main email address. it will automaticaly unblock in 24 hours.

  7. It is possible to unblock yourself from someones block list, im just not sure how. My friend is presently being harassed and she blocked the person harassing her. However, the girl some how unblocked herself and is back to harassing my friend. My friend keeps trying to block her, but facebook is saying she has to wait 48 hours. even though it has been 48 hours. This has happened with 3 different people harassing her. There is some website where you can unblock yourself…but i dont know what it is =/

  8. Sandip,

    Thank you for your information.

    I had someone earlier in the year, manage to unblock themselves from my account and send me another message through a previous message that they had sent to me, before he was blocked.

    The only solution I could think of at the time, was a simple case of changing the email address, but have never been able to find any information stating this.

    I’ve also had someone else recently, manage to do it as well. Although, the second person, could have created a new account.



  9. Well you can under the following conditions. If you were invited to someones face book by email heres what you do. Your existing profile with the email address you were invited to needs to be changed.
    to: your email
    xyz has invited you to FB OR has invited you to share or view their album.

    Change the address of FB profile to a different email. You dont have to delete the profile just leave it so they think your still blocked.

    Now go back to the original invitation to FB and mark the message as new. click on the invitation it will ask you to login or create a profile. obviously you no longer have an email associated with that email so create a new profile with a joe blow name. once you have done that and are once again an unblocked friend go and change the email again to a different email keeping your original email ready to go again. This isn’t hacking or illegal in any way what you do with it is another story. If you got a legitimate invitation request so be it theres nothing wrong with you wanting to change your profile from time to time right lol trust me by the time the figure it out it’ll be MONTHS. I dont know about you but i dont like being lied to let alone blocked by a girlfriend and this is a legitimate request being RE ACCEPTED LOL

  10. I think you have treated me unfairly, blocking me from any contact with my family, & Facebook friends,I have NEVER used spam or anything that would warrant your actions, I have a terminal illness & I am not abke to communicate with mt family ,OR friends, and now it is going on 15 days you have punished me for something I have not done!~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am asking you yo unblolck me me from having any contact with my family & friends. I will write an EDITORIAL to as many newspapers I read about how you have unjustly blocked me,I AM DYING for Christs sake,have some mercy on me ,Respectfully.John William Fontaine

  11. anyone can help me to unblock myself from someone’s profile??i just want to unblock myself from his list then delete him..i should be the one who block or delete him..


  12. Hi there,
    I’ve already changed the primary email of my facebook, therefore I am now logging in using my new email. but i still couldn’t unblock myself.

    Please help.
    Thank you.

  13. I thnk if you have the same user id connected to your profile, you can’t. I tried changing my primary email like sandip said and that didn’t work.

  14. ok here is what you do.. you find a hacker (like me) and you hack their account and change it. or you create another email adress. let me know on your option and if you choose hack which i beg you dont.. but if you do i will give you the program. e-mail me at

  15. Sandip! Is it on the Account settings where we nid to change the fb address??

    Do we nid to change the email address v use to log in into fb?

  16. Im like the other girl, Id like to unblock myself and then delete my ex. He only blocked me out of spite and now he,s telling nasty lies about me in facebook to mutual friends I had 5 of our mutual friends unfriend me because of this and I dont even get to see what he even said.If I cant unblock myself cant I sue him for this?

  17. Oh, here,s another option though you will still be unfriended and will be subject to the persons privacy settings. You get a friend or neighbor who is in facebook.Let them look upthe person through their page.the person blocking you doesnt knowyour friend therefore there is no block on them.In my case my exs cousin doesnt hide her wall so my friend was able to bring up a post she made where he was commenting. I could see his nasty comments about me to her. This is perfectly legal too.

  18. Can you please help me hack into someone’s FB and email accounts, I need to know if this guy is being faithful to my friend. He’s using her.

  19. please unblock me from narvin meherun jheels facebook profile.please .Allah will fulfil your dreams

  20. I need to hack someone’s fb & yahoo accounts too, can someone help me? He’s my ex & has msgs & pics that i want to remove!!

  21. hi, i have an ex blocked on facebook, and have for a long time, it has recently been brought to my attention that he can see what i am saying on a mutual friends page. I did a little investigating tonight, and u\yes that is most definitely the case. so I checked my list of blocked people and he is still on it. so please help, I have no idea how he is doing this, and I want it to stop, no good can come from this. After all there was a reason I blocked him and his fiance from my page- nothing but needless drama. i dont know what else to do. but as I read the thread from a friends account, it is very obvious he can see what I am saying, yet I cant see what he is saying…

  22. Hey frns m also having same problem..plz some one tell me how can I unblock myself from other people fb acc…n plz tell me how can I hack some one Facebook acc…

  23. one of my friend block me ,i change my primary email id and user name but its still blocked
    can somebody tell me how to unblock myself from friend Facebook account ….

  24. actually i m not getting the unblock option n i can understand what should be d next step after going on blocked people and aps

  25. how to unblock myself from some ones facebook account pls frd help me i m in very much problems……

  26. Hello,

    I was just wondering how I can unblock myself from someones facebook. Even when I used another account she told me that she still wouldn’t add me since she only adds people that she knows. Any suggestions?

  27. I don’t think you can remove you’re self from someone else Paige without breaking the law you can see there Paige by asking a mutual friend to let you snoop or do what I did hire a hacker but if your blocked I say leave it alone what I saw broke my heart I was better off not knowing

  28. Hey TMFR, im Mujeeb i need ur help My gf did not said me y she broke with me, i hv doubt can u help me she block me on her facebook.

  29. hi i need to find out how to hack sumones facebook account so i can unblock my self any help on how to do that people?

  30. I was send request a friend but they was blocked me & now i can’t search him & send request again. Because they cannot show from my account but it’s still on facebook & show from another account.

    so please suggest me how can i send him “friend request” again or send any “Message”?

  31. Hi, I am very good friends with a girl out of my country, it is obvious that she did not blocked me but someone with acces to her fb did because i may have looked as a threat to this girl for the impressive amount of confidence we had each other and because she told me she had given her password to a few friends, i started to suspect something was wrong when my messages didnt get to her never, and when i told her she was really surprised and we both tried to fix it but she we couldnt find the problem, then i deleted her to add her again so maybe that would fix it but suddenly i couldnt even find her anymore and it all pointed that someone blocked me from her account and i know it was not her and now i cant tell her that someone did that and we may not ever speak to each other again because someone else didnt like me being so close to her, i need to find a way to unblock myself from her account so i can tell her this, does anyone knows a way? btw she only uses facenok she does not use any other kind of IM like skype or even mail, the only way to talk to her is through facebook i really need help here i dont want to lose her bevause someone else does not like me!

  32. i need help, my friends cousin blocked me (she hates me) and i really need to talk to her.. PLEASE HELP :c

  33. I found out accidentally how to get myself unblocked from my ex,s page when I went back to my husband and his sister told me I needed to change my e mail address and get a new facebook account. When I did this there off to the side was the list of people facebook suggests you to friend,, and there was my ex,s friend who had blocked me,, hmmmm,, LOL!!So just as I had commented about before I looked up my ex,s page,, blocked and reported him in facebook for badmouthing me,,then sent a nasty message to his friend telling her that justice had finally prevailed,, that I was about to block her and had blocked,, and reported him,,she got the message with that ugly grey screen face.Think of yourself as infected when someone blocks you, You dont want to keep that infected page so you simply delete it and get a fresh,, clean,, new one.Just dont abuse this and harass the person all over again, But often people block you out of pure spite and this is what you can do to get the last laugh.

  34. I’m in love with someone on facebook, i tried to talk with her, but she blocked me with no reason, someone just tell her to unblock me & try to understand me :(, i just want to be in touch with her.

  35. MY best Friend ever KATHLEEN she BloCkeD mE foR NO REASON I was MAD……. Is there A WaY to see her facebook AGaiN So I cOuLd ADd Her Plus by the way she Changed heR FACEBOOK NAme ANd I DoN’T know what happened after that…… you can see thaT I’m MADD Right!!!!!!! :/ is there a way too stay in contact aGAiaN BeCAUSe we were BEST FRIENDS EVER!!!!!……..<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>============’,(

  36. I confirm that I am not a spammer . Please unblock my friends request . Thanking you in anticipation !!!!

  37. i tried but fail u cant do it im srry i wanna no cus my boyfrend blocked me and i think hes cheating on me and im scared plzz help plzz

  38. iwanna no cus my friend blocked me and i think hes cheating on me and im scared plzz help

  39. I just need to be able to view my sister’s Facebook account. All of her settings are private, she knows I am notorious for making false accounts and therefore will not add any one that she does not know personally. She was making threats to me last night and talking very badly about my children and I am needing to get proof of this to the police as I am planning to file a civil dispute against her. We have no mutual friends that she has not already blocked as she knows I have access to their accounts and passwords. I should have done screen shots last night but did not have the chance to unfortunately. If you can help aside from the above mentioned options (none of which worked for me) please let me know asap! Thank you in advanced!

  40. hey friends,,, plss help me get unblocked from my girl fren’s account,,,,, i tried changing my email id,, but its not working,,, so plss tell me if any hacking programme is there or any trick,,, she wont unblock me, i will have to unblock myself,, so plss let know some solutions for my problem

  41. its not so much that it cant be done as much as it is anyone who could do it wouldnt give a shit about hacking a facebook account. Companies bypass filters (cloak) in sites all the time… basicly, if you are better at writing code than the person who wrote the origional protective softwear you will be able to get whatever you want. in fact you dont even need to be better you just need to have the patience to get around their setup. but it requires knowledge of computer languages and internet info sources ect ect ect.

    for example I could write a code that logs onto facebook, creates a new profile then u go back through the source code (not as easy as it sounds) untill you find the differance between your access to FB FB administrator. rectify the differances and bingo no limitations… everyones your friend 🙂 to bad noone who could do it cares… cuz its not to hard espicaly FB, theyre really sloppy.

  42. I got block from Facebook by my girlfriend. She is not
    Searchable but I logged on with my friends account and
    Saw her active again. How can I undo the block without her finding

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