How To Unblock Private Phone Calls?

Someone is calling me constantly from a private number. I want and need to know who it is. I was told that there is a way to get the number even after they block it on the phone. Does anyone know how to do this? Or any other thing I can do?


  1. I’ve done this before many times. Call your phone provider (has to be a land line, not a cell phone… sorry), and just beg to them to get it for you. At first they will be like, “No, sorry i can’t”, but if you say something like, “He is saying inappropriate/weird things and I need to report him to the police, they will be like, ok.. and then they will give you the name and number. Also the police can get it for you (I have gotten so many numbers off of my uncle’s Phonefinder tool he has on his computer at work, he is a police officer) and if they say they can’t they are lying.
    If you do call your phone provider, it only works if you have an American on the line, because if you have a foreign person… i don’t know they just never give it to me. They probably get whipped if they do or something.
    Going to the police sounds like a better idea, but they will ask you all of these questions…I recommend calling your phone provider.

  2. If this is a recurring problem you can forward your calls to a toll-free number which will reveal blocked IDs.
    When I need to bust a private caller I forward unanswered calls to a toll-free number instead of voicemail deposit. Then don’t answer private calls. Caller ID cannot be blocked to toll-free numbers.
    You can use the toll-free provider’s voicemail or forward the call to another line from there.
    The toll-free provider I use is Kall8 which immediately sends an email with the caller’s name (if available) and number. You can have this sent to your phone. This provider charges $2 a month and 6.9 cents a minute.

  3. You can’t find it out, directly. For home phones there are some options, but you don’t have any information but what the cell carrier passes on with your cell phone. The only party that could do this is the carrier, and they will not touch it without a court order.
    In other words, talk to the cops. They can get the number if they choose to make the effort (good luck)

  4. if there calling from a cell phone you cannot get the number.
    you can set your phone not to get private calls.
    or set it so private calls dont ring.
    but if its a home phone the police can get involvedd and unblock it.
    but they cant do it for cells.
    only landlines.
    i had a private number call me over fifty times in a week.
    i couldnt do anything about it.

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