1. How do you have the time to go on Facebook at school? Isn’t there something better that you can do that won’t result in a detention? I suggest reading at the library in study hall.

  2. If your school is using a sonic wall, all you have to do is:
    type the site’s url, press enter, and wait for an error message. Once it comes up, put an s in after the “http”. Then, press enter. It should come up.

  3. Go to the main computer. And unblock the sites you need, and then block the teachers block thingy. Tehe, me and my friend did it do we could get on YouTube… our school block EVERYTHING, your not even allowed to go on Google

  4. IF you have facebook
    go to the application …
    ” access facebook at school ”
    so i hope i helped
    – billy

  5. i dont know how to hack but to go on like facebook just use ctunnel. it works at my school. unless ctunnel is also blocked on there but i dont think it is

  6. You’ll probably get caught. They monitor the websites you visit, but if you really must, use a proxy server. To find one in your area (they’re faster that way), visit http://proxy.org/

  7. Use a proxy server…just type
    “Proxy” into google and it should direct you to some good sites with instructions and all.

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