How to unlock folder (Vista) ? Help!?

Question by Nana: How to unlock folder (Vista) ? Help!?
I right click on the Document folder
and then I chose “Lock” by mistake
then the folder started to encryption
when i tried to open the files .. some of them are encrypting and the others wont open

and the Document folder type changed from “File” To “File Folder” !!
also the folder icon changed and become like control panel icon ..!

i right click on the folder to unlock it .. but there is no “unlock” appears in the list
so, what can i do to unlock it and get it back to normal folder again >< Best answer:

Answer by BSOD
First of all there is no “lock” command when you right click a folder on Vista.Apparently you are using a 3rd party software.Usually when you encrypt a folder it ask you for a password so you can decrypt it. What software did you used?

EDIT: By the commands “erase” and “secure erase” it seems like you are using a maintenace utility that offers file encryption too.Look at your programs to find it.Usually the program has a encrypt /decrypt option somewhere.Choose the decrypt option and navigate to the folder you want to unlock.

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