How to unlock iPhone 4 without sim card?

Recently the brand new iPhone 4 was dropped into my hands…. pretty cool huh? Well unfortunately it is without a sim card and I was hoping that there might be a way to use this beautiful piece of equipment without one. I am deciding whether or not to use it or sell it over the internet so if I do I think the buyer would appreciate it actually working.


  1. Well regardless of whether you have different SIM or no SIM, you can unlock/Jailbreak your phone using the ultrasn0w/Spirit tools which is expected to release soon by the DEV-Team who is like the most trusted group that has been providing the jailbreak and unlock for all the previous versions of iphones since the first ever Unlock…. u can follow them for the official unlock release on their twitter account mentioned on their official blog One more thing there are lots of online website claiming to have unlock tool which they agree to provide you for nominal cost, be cautious cause most of these are fake and they don’t even have any unlock tool, remember dev team provides unlock free of cost there is no cost to it. Hope this answers your question..

  2. unless you try american sites to see if they can do it and if he is not a genuine customer of o2 how the hell did he get the iphone 4 on 02 sometimes o2 make me sick wtf are they playing at they have unlock codes for all their phones unless you try the 3 shop and see what they say i thought all phones from the carphone warehouse were unlocked

  3. Just go to and then select the iPhone section. Once you’ve done that download the (free) open source software.

    You need to hit ctrl+f and type in “4” to find the iPhone 4 and iOS4 sections; the top half is for 3g/3gs and 3.1.3 🙂

  4. this forum is way old. I am having the same problem as you kt. I think it may just be impossible to do.

  5. How do I get pass the please insert a sim card without putting any sim card inside ?

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