How to unlock my laptop after sister changed password?

Question by Alan adair: How to unlock my laptop after sister changed password?
My username was administrator, so i can’t just type” administrator” for the username and nothing for the passworrd. I don’t want to get my parents involved, so how do i unlock it?

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Go on google and put i can ask my sister

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  1. Google how to… There’s always a button at startup that can take you to a setup screen and all that stuff

  2. you could either ask your sister or reformat the whole laptop hard drive and have to download everything you had on your computer again

  3. You have only three options.
    1. get the password from your sister.
    2. re install the operating system.
    3. Use a password recovery/cracker and then reset to administrator or what ever password you want to use. See below link on how to.
    The Ophcrack Windows password cracker is the best free Windows password recovery tool available. Ophcrack is fast and easy enough for a first time password cracker with basic Windows skills.

  4. Try downloading and burning Ultimate Boot CD:

    Burn this to a CD (tutorials available on the internet) and reboot, booting off the CD. When you boot it, look for “Offline NT Password and Registry Editor”. Follow the prompts to remove the Admin password, or create a new Admin account. None of this needs admin privileges.

  5. You can try this wonderful laptop Password recovery software which named Windows Password Reset Tool . Please follow next steps to unlock laptop administrator login password. It is easy to use, even if you are a tyro.

    Before starting, please prepare a blank CD/DVD and a computer with CD driver.

    Only four steps can help you unlock the lost laptop administrator password:

    * >> Step 1: Download Windows Password Reset Tool from
    * >> Step 2: Burn bootable CD/DVD
    * >> Step 3: BIOS setting
    * >> Step 4: unlock laptop administrator password

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