How to unlock my phone…?

Question by itsafongthing: How to unlock my phone…?
Okay, so I have an LG Rumor 2, Sprint. And when I click any key on my cell phone, it says “Press * and hold BACK to unlock. Press and hold the BACK key to lock. How do I get rid of it? Like I’ve called sprint and asked them, and they all seem to be dumb founded about it. I can’t make any phone calls EXCEPT 911… I cant text or ANYTHING without having to “Press * and hold BACK to unlock.” I dont know its such a waste of time when I’m trying to do something/ getting a hold of someone fast. Anyone have this problem? OH and I have read the “user guide” and that doesn’t even give me anything but steps to do something totally different that doesn’t help me on MY matter with this damn phone…. ugh….stressing about it.

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Answer by Token
go to settings and then go to key guard and turn it off i hate the rumor 2 i really wish i got the rant

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  1. This site has a nearly perfect 4.9/5 rating with google checkout and is accredited with the better business bureau.
    plus they were recommended highly in the cell phone forums.
    I used them to unlock my cell phone. talked to one of their support reps on live chat and within 20 mins i had my unlock code and my phone was unlocked.
    Hope this helps.

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