How to unzip a blocked folder?

Question by ocean_737: How to unzip a blocked folder?
I am trying to unzip a compressed folder, but when I get to the wizard and click “next” to start unzipping, a window pops up saying its blocked since its not a trusted site. I followed the directions for unblocking it (going to the folders properties and clicking “unblock”) but it still won’t work! I’ve also tried temporarily disabling some of my security settings but to no avail- I need this file! What do I do?

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Answer by Rounder
unblock it

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  1. You need to go back to the originator and tell them the problem. Something sounds fishy about all this. It could be some malicious code.

  2. i saw a wizard today, she yelled at me for scribbling all over this scroll she was keeping. the silly old wizard.

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