I Accidentally Flushed A Plastic Cap, And Now The Toilet Won’t Flush Properly. How Can I Unblock The Toilet?

I was pouring bleach into the toilet bowl to clean it, and accidentally dropped the plastic top/cap of the bleach bottle down just as I was flushing…ugh. Now the cap is lodged somewhere and the toilet won’t flush properly. Luckily no overflows, but I sure don’t wanna’ have to reach down in there. Would a plunger be able to dislodge a plastic item or do plungers only work to unclog “natural waste”?


  1. what are you doing cleaning your toilet so late? reach in and get it you big ninney.you have already used the bleach so the bowl is already sanitized. it you are that worried about it get some latex gloves,add more bleach,and go get it!

  2. If you don’t want to stick your arm in there to get it out a plunger might stir it up for you to grab it. The best bet would be a closet auger. It is a big spring with a sort of hook on the end to help guide the spring up into the trap way of the toilet. If that doesn’t get it out you’ll have to pull the toilet roll it around, shake and flip it over until the cap comes out. Last thing would be to replace the toilet. Home Depot has an inexpensive all-in-one toilet that comes with everything you need.

  3. A plunger should help. We have a similar problem all the time in our shower, as we don’t have a screen at the bottom of the drain and the caps to the trial-sized bottles of shampoo and conditioner keep gettting stuck and blocking the drain. The trick is to plunge a couple of times, and then quickly remove the plunger and grab for the cap very quickly, before it falls down the drain again. If you don’t wanna touch the inside of the toilet, try wearing rubber kitchen gloves, (the kind used for washing dishes) and fishing it out that way. They are longer than medical latex gloves and should cover your arm all the way to the elbow. Also, you might be able to force it down the drain. Once it starts going down, it shouldn’t stop.
    If you live in a trailer, don’t try to force it through the pipe. You’re gonna have to call a plumber. Trailers have really shitty plumbing.

  4. 2 choices that I can think of, 1) reach in and get it you sissy. lol 2)use a snake. A plumbing store can sell you one and show you how to use it.

  5. I had this proble. cleaning woman thought the scrubber with plastic base is disposable and flushed it in toilet. Itried different methods and then while searching the web for help, I came to this site. I went to wallmart and bought $6 Toilet Augar(kind of snake). push two feet spring until it get blocked then keep rotating the handle while you pull it out. I could get the stuff out in two or three trials.

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