I Have 5 Computers On A Home Network But Only 4 Will Run The Network At A Time. How Do I Prevent This?

Why does one of the 5 computers not work, I have XP pro+ on 4 and vista on the 5th and still i can only run 4 computers on the stupid network. It is never the same computer. usually the one that was turned on last. How do I bypass this function or turn it off somewhere. I am getting very frustrated.


  1. There is an option in the router that will limit the number of DHCP requests that it will handle. I would check and make sure that the setting is not 4, if it is increase it to the number of computers that you want to connect to the network.
    I have encountered other wierd problems fixing networks, but the one above sounds like the most common resolution. I have never encountered this but, it is possible that the service provider limits the number of MAC addresses that it will allow to connect to the network. In that case there is an option in the router that will spoof its MAC address to be one of the addresses of an attached computer, try setting that option. It is a long shot but might work.

  2. In order to be sure what your problem is, we need more information. Here are some of the things we need to know
    1. What is your hardware setup? Are you using a router, or a switch or a hub to connect the machines in a network? If it is a router, how is it configured?
    2. How are your IP addresses being assigned? Are you using a SOHO router with DHCP enabled? What is the setup for the DHCP? How many IP addresses are in the DHCP pool?
    3. What error messages do you receive?
    4. When you enter “ipconfig /all” in a DOS window what is the output
    5. when you enter “netstat -a” in a DOS window what is the output
    Please resubmit your question

  3. What router do you have? Are they connecting wired or wireless? Have you tried the help forum on the manufacturers website.

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