I Have A Dell Pc-which Bypasses The Geneneral Windows Boot Screen. How Do I Place A Start Up Password?

Windows 98.
Instead of showing all sorts of stuff, there’s just the dell logo real big and windows starts up.
So, I don’t know how to enter setup. Anyone know how I can prevent people from getting on my computer?


  1. Which start up password. There is a boot password controlled from BIOS, and you have to enter bios to set it up. Otherwise, as I recall, WIN98 only allowed you to enter a password under the Install/set-up process… Haven’t messed with that in years, but I think that there is a way around that by trying to configure the network connection, and set access to be controlled by windows login ??? Also, if you don’t have an account, you can bypass the password and just get in anyhow…

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