1. I just bought norton 2006 (download version) a few days ago and my computer is running slower now. Not that this helps… but you are not alone. There might be some issues with it.

  2. 1st of all .. norton sux !!! please hit the RUN button , type msconfig go to startup and deactivate everything that is connected 2 norton:|, then restart the PC ( highly reccomended), enter in ADD remove programs, and uninstall norton . Then install a proper antivirus ( kaspersky rullz, bitdefender it’s a good one)

  3. You can’t (at least legally). You bought ONE license, not two.
    I bought Norton 2006 and then returned it. It added a “feature” that would not allow deletion of old, outdated virus definitions. At 8-10Mb, that starts to add up.
    Try McAfee.

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