I Lost My Mobile But Found It Again. Can I Unblock It Without Telling My Network?

Hi I lost my mobile and claimed another through the insurance but the one I claimed has now broken as it got a little damp. It is a really lame phone and I can’t claim another on the insurance just yet as I have to wait a certain time. But I called the police and someone handed my old mobile in. It is obviously blacklisted. I’ve been to this website…
and would like to ask if anyone knows if this service will unblock my mobile. It says it unlocks any phone via the IMEI number but I’m not sure if it will unblock it. I know you’re not supposed to do this but it is my phone and I’m not trying to defraud anybody.


  1. There’s no way to unblock it without calling your provider. They are the only people that can do that since they are the ones that blocked it when you called in to say that you lost it. Just explain to them that it ended up being turned in to the police department and you got it back. They should unblock it for you. The site you listed only unlocks it so that it can be used with another provider’s sim cards. That’s all that the shops other have mentioned can do, too.

  2. Unlocking and blacklisted are totally different. If you unlock a phone you can use a SIM card from a different network. If it’s blacklisted the phone won’t work on any network. The IMEI number is entered onto the Equipment Identity Register (EIR) and all the networks have to check against it before a phone is allowed to register on the network. You may be able to get it removed from the EIR, contact customer services and explain what happened.

  3. the same thing happened to me as i got a phone for my nephew and he misplaced it at home andi claimed on the insurance and i found the original phone last week and its unlocked to any network so would the network he used it on have to unlock the imei number if so iwould use it

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