If you buy a cell phone on e-bay that is unlocked, how do you use it?

Question by twopeas03: If you buy a cell phone on e-bay that is unlocked, how do you use it?
I want to buy a Blackberry on E-bay, and I already have a T-mobile phone. But how do I make the Blackberry work with my current account? I know it has something to do with the SIM card. The phone I want to buy is “unlocked” also. I am just not sure how this all works! Help!! thanks!

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Answer by Jen T
You have to make sure that the B’berry you buy is compatible with T-mobile, and that the SIM card is compatible. You may need a larger memory capabiity than what your current phone has…

I just bought a couple of phones on eay from the same seller and one was brand new in the box, and the other was used and had some wear, but since they were both compatible with Nextel, I was able to just pop in my existing SIM cards and use them!

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  1. well the number is on the sim card

    so if you buy an unlocked phone then literally all you have to do is put in the sim card and you’re done!

  2. You have to have your phone service provider indeed activate and yes it has to do with the sim card. if you already have an account with them, negotiate the activation fee to save some cash.

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