I’m At Work And My Job Has Most Internet Sites Blocked Using Iprism. Can Anyone Help Me Unblock It?

I’m at work and my job has most internet sites blocked using IPrism. Can anyone help me unblock it? Can you paste the instructions into the answer because I can barely go to any sites. Most are blocked. Thank you very much.


  1. These Are The Best Proxies I Know:
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    Hope this info Helps

  2. Why not just quit your job? After all, what you’re asking is enough to get you fired at many organizations. And if you circumvent the company’s security policy and download a virus or other malware, you could also be facing criminal charges. even if you’re only fired, you’ll be asked why when you interview for new positions. When they hear why you were fired, nobody will want to take a chance on hiring you since you’re a risk to the company. Just quit your job, go to work someplace like McDs and surf at home.

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