iphone 3g on a t-mobile plan?!?!?!?

Question by Brianna: iphone 3g on a t-mobile plan?!?!?!?
I need help. i want to get a iphone, but i’m on a t-mobile family plan. is it possible to buy the iphone and take it to a t-mobile store to have it turned on? can i put my sims card into the iphone and still have all my information on it(like my address book, photos, pictures,etc)? will the internet work on it, or will i have to pay for it? i also heard that i have to “unlock” the iphone to have it on a different plan, how do i do that? should i just keep the phone i have now and buy a ipod touch? please, please, please help! best answer gets 10 points! thanks

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Answer by indie.
yes it is possible
my dad got t moblile i belive for his iphone

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  1. To unlock a phone,take it to cell-tecs.off 281 by Sam’s if you live in the SanAntonio area.

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