Iphone 3Gs? Price Holland?

Question by ~xxxnlgxxx~: Iphone 3Gs? Price Holland?
I would like to buy the new Iphone, however i live in romania, but going to holland for vacation, does anyone know how much it costs in Holland, nd what are the chances of “unlocking” it to use in romania goes wrong?

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Answer by bl? bl?
The problem with buying it in the Netherlands is that it is locked to one provider – T-mobile, and you cannot buy the phone without buying the subscription as well

I know, because I have the phone and the subscription :0)

Anyway, my husband loved mine and wanted one the same so he got his from the US and got it unlocked with a jailbrake kit, but he had some problems and had to get some friends to help, so unless you know what you are doing you have to take care (e.g. don’t allow software upgrades)

They do sell them second-hand on marktplaats which is like Ebay, but again you don’t know what you are getting so you should take care with this

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