Question by Joe S: iPhone….?
I’m looking to buy an iPhone, and it’s not the price of the phone that hurts, it’s the price of a plan. I heard about using any SIM card on an iPhone once it is “unlocked” (what is that, by the way). Pleez, 10 pts to the person who can best describe what “Unlocking” is, and how i can use it to save some money plan-wise
after it is unlocked, can i still use internet?

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Answer by Moni K
Well when you buy an iPhone, it comes locked, meaning it only works with AT&T, with that iPhone plan. When you unlock it, it makes it able to work with any service provider that uses a SIM card, such as T-Mobile. I’m not positive, but I think that if you unlock it, then the iPhone works like any cell phone.

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