Is A Loud Computer More Likely To Be Caused By The System Fan Or The Chassis Fan?

Dell told me to do my own diagnostic before they would send a tech out, so they said to reseat the system/board fan and the chassis fan to find out which is causing the problem…wanna bypass that if anybody knows which normally is the cause of the loud sound


  1. Usually it’s the chasis fan. Assuming you have a stock CPU cooler, the fan on that would be like a 60mm or an 80mm.
    Chasis fans go up to twice that size… 120mm or even 200mm (i’ve seen 400mm before believe it or not).
    Another possible, but unlikely possiblity is your power supply fan is loud.
    If you’re referencing a loud whine that happens when you power on, that is probably your DVD/CD Drive. I find that the DVD/CD drive is alot louder than my fans when they are spinning… And i have 6 fans on my chasis lol.

  2. Normally it will be yoru cooling fans in genneral.
    Not much you can do about that unless youw ana change out your fans for quiet fans ($15 to $25 per fan). Or youc an put in noise damaning. (a kind of foam)
    Bet a load noise will normaly be your fans running because your system is to hot. You can always got he cheap way and just take of the side pannel to give your system more air. I did that to my old system because i didnt have the money to get new fans or a better case.
    Take the side pannel off and run your computer for a lil while till you start to hear the sounds again then look at it and see if you can tell where they are coming from. I give you a 95% chance its yoru fans.
    Could be yoru CD/DVD drive going out or yoru hard drive but normally thazt will amke a clicking sound also.

  3. There could be several factors here. How is it “loud?” What does the noise sound like? Has it always been loud or is it a new system?
    You could have loud fans, loud hard disks, loud disc drives, it’s hard to say. Reseating your fans won’t do that much for noise, unless they’ve somehow come loose, or perhaps a wire is in the path of the fan blades (if it was just lightly touching it, the fan would still go, but it’d make a very loud and annoying noise).
    You paid for their system and their warranty – I’d tell them it’s not your job to do diagnostics and to get someone out there.

  4. It depends on the kind of noise it’s making. Fans and “wonky” Hard Drives can both make noise. Tell Dell to get their *** to your place and diagnose it themselves. If it’s under warranty and you mess something up they might not repair it at all.
    If you want to try to diag it yourself you can stop each fan with your finger. You might want to use a pencil eraser to stop each fan to see if the noise goes away when you stop each one. Don’t hold it stopped for any longer than a second or two though. Make sure the fans are clean as sometimes a lot of dust can mess them up . You can’t stop the fan in the power supply but you should be able to determine the noise from there.

  5. Both can make a loud noise if it is failing.
    With your computer off open you computer. Then turn it on and try to locate where the noise is coming from. It may be handy to use the cardboard tube from some paper towels and put one end NEAR the suspect and the other near your ear.
    A chassis fan is very easy to replace.
    THe fan on the heatsink/cpu is trickier and I would want to check the motherboard manual before attempting to change it.

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