1. Sure, you can simply drill through whatever is blocking the barrel, but that still will not solve your problem.
    Here is the real answer. Blank firing guns are made from entirely different metals than “real” firearms. The metals used in blank firing guns – especially the barrels, are zinc. Zinc is a cheap metal that is easy to injection mold. Some refer to zinc as a “pot metal”. Meaning, it looks like steel, until you try to place any sort of stress on it.
    So, what happens when you try to fire live ammunition out of a modified blank firing gun? KA-BOOM! Only, the bullet will not fly forward out of the barrel. Instead, the entire gun explodes in your hand…sort of like holding a small hand grenade. Depending on the caliber, the injuries that the SHOOTER will sustain will vary. Out of a 22 rimfire, you may only loose sight in one eye or maybe just some cuts and abrasions on one hand. If you’re really unlucky, a piece of that zinc metal breaks-off as shrapnel and hits you in the neck and severs an artery and you bleed to death in about two minutes. If you’re fooling with a 38 caliber, centerfire blank firing gun, then the mininum injury is probably a bloody stump where your hand used to be – after the zinc metal shards sever your hand at the wrist. Possibly blindness in both eyes from the metal fragments hitting you in the face…and yeah, maybe death, if a zinc metal shard goes through your chest and punctures your heart.
    The moral of this story is simple. If blank firing guns could possibly be modified to fire live ammunition, people would be doing it on a regular basis and most of us gun enthusiasts would have a new hobby and talking about which blank firing guns are the best to modify. It just simply aint so. The manufacturers of blank firing guns make them as cheap as possible, using materials that can not withstand the high pressures of even something as feable as a 22 long rifle cartridge. You would be better off starting from scratch and building a gun from pieces parts that you bought in a hardware store, than trying to modify a zinc barreled blank gun.

  2. Well..
    This depends on the gun. Say you wanted to convert a 1911A1 blank gun to a working firearm. The first step would be to replace the slide and barrel with ones designed to withstand the pressure. Since you would have to do quite a bit to make the slide and barrel work with the original blank grip frame, it would be best to replace that as well. You could retain the original grips, but the screws will not line up, so you might just as well replace them at the same time.

  3. ok well since you know not to point a gun at anyone how about learning that a blank gun is just that a blank. it will not shoot real ammo nor can it withstand real ammo as you have read from the other answers. and no matter how pissed you are that it wont happen it still wont happen so unfortunatelly you are shat out of luck.
    but since i am a smart *** i will tell you this
    dont point a gun at anyone
    treat a gun like its always loaded
    be sure of whats behind your target before you pull the trigger
    always wear eye and ear protection
    take a hunters safety course before ever owning a working firearm
    oh and if you do somehow convert the blank gun to a functioning firearm it will blow up and so will you
    have fun kid!

  4. Drill out the barrel and go for it just don’t use it with anyone around they might not like being injured when the thing blows apart maybe not on the first couple of shots but it will By The Way some semi auto style blank guns don’t even point the shells the correct way

  5. /sarcasm on Just drill out what ever is blocking the gun. Don’t drill too big of a hole, it won’t leave much zinc for the barrel. I won’t tell you to not point it at someone because they will probably be safer than if they were standing behind or beside the gun when you set off a round. P.S. Wear a cup when you fire it. We wouldn’t want you to lose you from the gene pool. /sarcasm off.

  6. yeah, but its not legal, any converted firearm into a blank gun its as simple as removing the barrel plug. how you do that is illegal but you should be able to figure that out yourself. its really quite simple.

  7. Sorry. They’re made so that it’s hard to do that, and if you did,
    the cheap metal they’re made of wouldn’tt stand up to the
    pressure of a ‘real’ cartridge.
    ‘ Mom” says: “Stop! You’ll blow your little hand off.”

  8. The metal that a blank gun is made from will not withstand the pressure of firing a normal handgun cartridge. You will be seriously injured,and anyone around you.

  9. I think that the question is referring to an attempt to unplug the barrel to only redirect the exiting point of the the pressure and gases. I own one that I have done just that. The reason that I did this was the pressure and gases exiting from the top of the barrel near the breach was unrealistic and seemed to be louder seeing as how the percussion was not being sent down range but, directly at the shooter. I also have less spent power and what appears to be corn meal(possibly mixed to deduce the needed amount of powder) on me and in the gun after shooting.

  10. The gun is made not to handle pressure so if you shoot the gun your going to blow ur hand off not the person your shooting at

  11. You know that you can buy a blank gun easy and fast, but is not that easy to buy a real one. You don’t want to be ilegal but yes, you want to kill some one or not. Easy if you want real one go step by step and get one or just go fast and get a fake one, probably you kill your self. Good luck!!!

  12. their are blank gun stores that sell blank guns that are maid from the same metal (tells at top of web site home page on the store i found) but their a little more expensive I’m getting a compact berreta 9mm and unplugging the barrel

  13. p.s if u want to play it safe with my idea you can tie it to a tree in the woods and tie a string to the trigger and safely test a full clip and if it don’t blow “don’t think it will” then u got a untraceable modified gun
    and point it at who u want

  14. depends on the gun, revolvers are better. just drill the barrel the size of the bullet and your ready, it could blow up so test it away from you by placing it somewhere and use about 10meters or more of string to pull the trigger, that should work

  15. Hi, sorry guys, you are all wrong in most of what you say.

    Blank guns are chamberd to fire PA and PAK 22mm long blanks, so convert them and they fire perfectly. You can not load and fire a normal round.It will blow the gun up.On top of that it does not fit either.

    BUT, if you use converted blanks and I have done this with many blank guns, in cluding automatics, they work perfectly. I am for the moment working on a copy Of a HK machine gun as like the UK police use. and it will work perfectly once I have finished.

    I still have both my hands and my face and all my other parts. So stop talking Bollocks guys and talk about what you know and not what you think you know.

  16. look man matter of factthey dnt know wat they are talking bout…… lol!!! but a new barrel for that same axact gun, new springs, basically u are gonna have to replace the whole top of the gun……dnt listen to them they area trying to get u killed… trust me im not gonna reveal myself but i own 4 blank guns which i modified over to real guns by spending alot of money, time and effort…. it can be done…. but for one y dnt u buy a real gun? Unless ure a felon? are you???? I’m not!!!!

  17. I am going to drill a straight hole thru the barrel of my blank firing gun. I will do it only because i think it sucks, when the gases exit right up and I want them to exit from the barrel like with real gun. I will not even start to think about using live ammo in the blank firing gun, because if I could purchase live ammo somewhere, then I could problably buy a real gun from the same place. For me it is not any easier to find live ammo than a real gun, so what would be the reason to convert a blank firer? I can offcorse make my own ammunition, but lets say, that if I would want to kill someone, I have just a right gun for that too and it requaires no firearm licence or anything and its legal. I do not know about the law so well, but I carry a nine inch tactical knife and sometimes I carry a gun. I think that if it is legal for me to purchase these things then it must be legal to carry them also….how else can I take the weapon home after purchasing it???

  18. It’s very easy to drill the barrel through. Just take it to anyone that has a machining tool like a drill press or lathe (you can even do it yourself with some training, it’s very easy to use these machines).

    That will ensure you get a good, straight bore. Also, you must pick a drill that is the exact size of the barrel (8 or 9 mm), not larger, as that would weaken the barrel.

    And all of you people talking about blowing your hands of – you’ve obviously never held a real blank gun in your hand (NOT the crappy $80 models, but good, certified blank guns that cost $150-300).

    First of all, real cartridges will NEVER fit the blank gun’s magazine – it’s just too short (made for blanks). No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to do it.

    Second, you may be able to fire rubber bullets of the appropriate caliber (like a muzzleloader) or even modify the blank cartridges themselves to fire BB’s of up to 6-7mm in diameter.

    It’s very hard though – you’ll have to open them up carefully (you can only do it with the ones that are sealed with paper or plastic), take out enough powder (which will also reduce the firepower to safer levels) and seal the BB there with silicone gasket or something else.

    If you live in a s**ta*s country like Austria or any Eastern European country and want to shoot a gun for fun (or have it for protection), that’s pretty much the only way to go.

    Also, the barrels are not make of f**king zinc(again, on good blank guns, I’ve never owned a cheap one) – they still need to withstand the pressure of the gases, which usually exit through a small hole in the barrel instead of the muzzle (that looks bad and simply s**ks if you’re using the gun to train your hand, that’s why people want to drill the barrel).

    It may be lower grade steel, but hey, people have been firing homemade .60-.75 lead pellets using home made barrels of much worse quality for a few hundred years now (I’m talking about matchlocks, flintlocks and other ancient tech).

    One last thing, drilling the barrel is already illegal, so for God’s sake don’t make it even worse for everyone by doing something stupid like shooting someone with your blank gun (unless for self defense, but then you’d also get arrested).

    That will prompt the dumba** politicians to make the laws even more insufferable, and you won’t be able to get even a freaking airsoft gun (I’m not kidding, just look at United Kingdom – worst country if you like guns, swords, knives or anything else that can be considered a weapon – they’ve recently banned all airsoft guns for people that do not belong to an airsoft club, which are also rare and not everyone lives near one or can attend it a few times a month).

  19. @”so it was me”

    You’d be very surprised what the lawmakers come up with. In Romania, you need to get a license to buy a gun (even a blank or BB gun, not to mention the real deal), which takes a month to get, with all the background checks, costs $30 and is valid for 60 days.

    Then you can buy your gun only from an authorized seller, which usually charge you 2-3 times the price and don’t have a lot to offer (I wanted to get a 1911, no one had them in stock! – they kept offering me the Browning Hi-Power or a CZ75, and I don’t like them).

    You’ll also need to have a licensed and approved safe for storage (so much for quick self protection), which also costs $100+ depending on the size. You can only carry the gun from the shop to your home, anywhere else and it’ll be confiscated, you’ll be fined and you’ll never get your firearm license.

    Now, after you did that, you’ll need a license to use your new gun. It costs a lot, but you’re already used to that by now. You also need to regularly report to the police, as they need to know what have you been doing with your gun and if its in good condititon.

    This is simply ridiculous, and there are different licenses for carrying the gun in public (which you’ll probably never get) and for carrying it in a safe case to the firing range and back (sport shooting license. Worst of all, the same laws apply to BB guns. I almost cried when I moved here. BB guns, for God’s sake. No wonder, less than 30,000 people out of 20 million have a gun here (50,000 if you include shotguns, which are a bit easier to get just because there are a lot of hunters around).

    All I have to say is I’m glad I’m not in the UK. You can still buy knives and swords (a katana for kendo and tameshigiri practice, or even a tactical knife for example), but not carry them (people do it anyway, though). But you still need to report them to the police (which is also a pain in the a** when you move).

    All I have to say to Americans is DO NOT let that happen to you, it really sucks. Join the NRA, let them do the lobbying for you, or vote on matters like this (P.S. Mods, you can edit this out if you want, I posted a similar comment on another site and they deleted it – their right, but I thought I should say it).

    I don’t own a gun for self-protection as much as for the fun of shooting it. I like it, it’s great time spending and it trains your reflexes, hand-eye coordination and focus. So there’s no reason why I shouldn’t be able to own a gun, yet they make it very, very hard.

  20. its easy to make real 22cal from 9mm blank firing revolver. u just need hard steel pipe,strong glue, metal saw and drill. thats it and u are ready to kill people.

  21. Drill out the barrel and just use the blank ammunition for the gun it will shoot red hot gun powder better than nothing

  22. The Best way is here,dont try to change to real bullets..”waste of time” there are blank bullets with bb inserted on its head..dunno how that is done but ive seen them once,and surely you should unblock the gun first and carefully..get someone with experience to help u in this pay him 5$

  23. i convertd my ekol viper to fire live ammo throgh the barrel simply by drilling out the barrel with a 9mm tile cutting bit, i have not yet shot a 9mm bullet out of it yet but i did purchase 9mm birdshot which fires pretty smooth out the end, i would not recommend firing bullets,to dangeourus

  24. Hi,

    I have a 9mm caliber Blank gun. I removed the blocking piece at the front of the barrel. I install pellets to the 9mm blanks. This actually makes it like a real gun with minimal risk to the gun it self.

    Aiming of course is a little rusty but it works well in close range like 3-4 meter. and it wounds the target. it is not fatal yet if shot from close distance can kill (have not tried it personally) but seen a person get wounded by a mis-fire.

    Personally I use it for protection, so the sound of the blank is good to scare off thugs. and if that is not enough, a shot to a barrel or a can is good to convince. Not enough then a direct shot can do the job.

  25. Hi Mohammad,

    What kind of pellets you use & how to insert them inside the PA/PAK blanks?

    Have you tried that on the Bruni P4 9mm caliber?
    awsalak ezay?

  26. What if i were to completely replace the barrel with a new steel one, would that work and be safer than drilling my 9mm blank gun’s barrel???

  27. In the UK they did try to convert blank to real and they succeeded. I all ways wanted to convert one but finely i succeeded. this is the proses chauc the revolver into 4 jaw chauc then senter it and drill it with 8.5mm drill then put the rifling . but now you need to reload the write ammo you take the 38 special and loaded with 2 grains of powder then you can fire it . do not try to fire normal ammo because the gun will explode.

  28. yes you can , i actually did it with my EKOL
    Jackal dual, i used a drill press and a diamond
    fillinent 9mm drill bit which you can buy at any
    hard ware store, for like 25 bucks, anyways,i
    real 9mm ammo does not fit into the magazine,
    but you can buy 9mm short rounds that do, but
    i donot recommend shoot that through your blank
    what i did was remove the green
    cap from the PAK blank ammo and stuff it full
    off shot gun birdshot ammo, it works great
    and if your gonna shoot some one it probly wont
    kill them but it will injurthem bad, i shot at,
    3/4 inch steel from 30 feet, all the ones that
    did hit it almost went through, but anyways,
    i dont remcomend shooting people and be carful,
    you could go to jail!!!!

  29. most of what i’ve just read here is insane! forget trying to convert any zinc gun. now the high dollar blank guns are more doable. there are also replica guns that can be converted. pietta made an exact replica colt single action army revolver that only needed to have barrel and cylinder swapped to be a live gun. probably could drill the originals out to work also. these were made on their gun assembly line, only with barrels and cylinders undrilled. if you can find one of these expect to pay $400-500. later.

  30. dont even think about converting!as far as kirks comment about almost shooting through 3/4 steel with shot.you are a wingnut!!! most deer rifles wont shoot through 3/4 steel!!!!would hate to be some tarded onlooker 30 feet behind a idiot shooting 3/4 steel with any kind of shot flying back at me!little gray splats all over a sheet of steel.i probably shoot more rounds a week than most here have shot in a lifetime!post me a picture of birdshot on 3/4 steel.1/4 even. nah dont even pick up a gun and lose a eye doing such stupid crap!a little luck and the shot all flattens and falls to the ground.all it takes is one shot round or flat and out with a eye.

  31. I have a question, on a blank gun that red cap in front, what happens if i remove it or like drill it out? would i still be able to fire the blank gun?

  32. to scott, my appologies, it was infact not steel i was shooting at, it was actually industrial airduct which is about 3/16s thick, which is fairly thick, i do have pictures and a video i will gladly show you, i also tried putting crushed neon glass in the shells n shot at card board from about 15 feet away, did go into the card board but did not go threw, n i also have videos, if you would like to view reply with your email n i will share the vids, and I DO NOT RECOMMEND CONVERTING, IT IS STUPID, BUT IT WILL GET RID OF THUGS IF YOU ARE BEING ROBBED , BUT JUST STAY OUTTA THE HOOD PEOPLE,

  33. it’s posible. i did it. i bought rohm rg90,then drilled with dremell carefully cross out, 8mm ammo tok the plastic tap off,then drop out powder,then reduced few cm of ammo capsule. got some plumbum from car rims balancing, bought a construction gips,made form,melt the plumbum in thos formes. then put them in ammo capsule and put the powder. shoots perfectly,and hits nice holles. i shot allready moor than 100 times,no probz. before doin shud think carefully and chooz good full mettal posible blank gun. sorry for my english,i am french 🙂

  34. FUQ Y’all with your comments on how un-doable it is!!!
    The guy asked a fare question: “Is it doable”
    And then 1 person says something REALLLLLLY clever (oh, btw, that was sarcasm), and all you other dipshits follow the first comment. WOAAAAWWW, aren’t we all soooo smart for giving advice which isn’t advice, but anti-advice… (don’t even know if that is a real word). FUQ YOU, FUQ BIGGIE, AND FUQ ALL YOU SISSIE CLOWNS WHO ARE SHITLICKERS OF DA FIRST COMMENTER ABOVE…. Heck I don’t even know his name, he’s that important to me…

    What is important though is it doable or not?!?
    Majority says no, but hold on, I know a way…
    You faggots still think of da EKOL blank shooters. What about the beretta police guns that where in service and they where made unuse-able. In stead of 9mm pour lead into the cartridge holder to get only 7mm cartridges inside.
    Also the pipeline was geniusly made unuseable by putting a rod right in da middle of the pipe. Now try to boar yourself through that… Until they noticed you don’t need to drill, just need to (how do I say this in English)…. to “sand off”, or better yet polish the centered stick. Now of course at the end of the centered stick you have one more obstacle and thats the plate that is welded to the pipe so they could place the rod in the first pace. When you polished all the way to that plate all you have to do is to drill a hole big enough to again put in a polisher and polish it until the edes are clean.
    Now check your pipeline. Check if you have those rotating curves left to propell the bullet. If not you could try an polish, but no blemo. Your gun is not made to fire big distances. See it as a sword which is like about 10 meters long or 33 feet for all you homos who still don’t use the decimal system….

  35. Oh, and Kirk: “STAY OUTTA DA HOOD PEOPLE”

    SHIT you must be in your teens.
    Has pubertyu kicked in yet or do you still have a voice like a girl?
    Shit, the answers you get today. And even the people who say:”YES, I ‘AVE DONE IET” (french accent)
    An itty-bitty-more details would be nice.

    I have a dremel, but what do you use? I use the polisher, you know… the one with the pink tip which come in several sizes… Which one to use? I use all of them. Sometimes the one with the sharp tip and sometimes the one that looks like the eraser on your pencil…
    Details are good. Que’est-se que tu pense, ey Moose, mon ami?

  36. And Moose, The French dude that I used in the comment above, tried to help…
    All you suckers in the few first comments are users who have no blank gun, maybe not even a real gun… No… I know for sure you haven’t had a real gun in your hand in your entire live.
    You can make guns from all sorts of materials. So the people with knowledge between my french friend Moose and the nitwits all above, you have al;l the people who own drilled barreled guns. Know what kind of bullets to use. Why not make it a shrapnel shooter? Was a question asked. Well If it can be a hraonel shooter, then why not make it a hand-shotgun.
    Or You could modify your blanks into real ones with BB-pellets jammed into the bullet. Last and not least. You have also blank bullets which propell pepper spray. So! There’s your answer. And as for the drilling. I have found out that the Zinc barrel is filled with a much softer substance. As I look down the barrel I see what is poored inside, and in the midle again a very hard substanced rod (about 1mm in diameter)
    I just use the gun between my legs (i know I should use a bankscrew, but I haven’t got one, and I use the dremel very cautiously. I use all different sorts of drill-tips, because I have found out that just using one drill doesnt cut it.
    Just start out polishing – drilling – again poloshing – again drilling…etc…. Heck I even use the tips to engrave beautiful texts on the back of your wrist watch (or whatever they are used for)

    Hope this has helped out on the drilling part.

    Also If you have a drilled barrel. Even a blank is cooler. You see actual fire from the front. Checkout Youtube vids what that does to an apple when shot at point blank.
    If you use it in combination with bb-pellets then you can also scare of attackers by actually hitting some wall or container (peopel will think it’s a real one)

  37. just drill the barrel with a 8mm drill, after that u polish the barrel so the bullet will perfectly fit the barrel ..with 9mm kurz or 9mm makarov with the head drilled a lil bit so they can fit the clip and modify the chamber so the cartridge will fit the chamber, and thats it, mine shoot perfectly since 2004

  38. In greece we convert blank firing guns,so that a 9mm pistol shoot 6mm led spheres through a trilled barrel,and NO pistol exploded in anyones face yet 😉
    The nice think is ,that the gunpowder of the PAK ammo,is enough to shoot that 6mm shell at an enourmous speed for that amound of gunpowder…So i guess it travels at about the speed of a normal 9mm pistol,but with less stopping power of course..
    But what do we know??We are bankrupt 😛

  39. I have a 22. blank fire revolver, I sawn the barrel off, then used a saw to chop out the existing bit still blocking which a hardened steel plug was inside , I then got a 8mm steel pipe grindin down the gun so it would fit inplace , liquid metal glued it in place , painted it black. opend up the blanks . Inserted lead pellet\s steel 1s wotever. Fires good and still goin strong to this day. Anyfing is possible if you have experiece and a bit of no how and reserch

  40. Or you can always post another message with a way for Rob to contact you, send some coin to your dear friend, and go fuck someones face up with some shit that sounds like it actually fucking does something.

  41. If you’ve decided to blow your hand off anyway, why settle for the wimpy .22LR? Go all the way, Pal: Drill a .45 caliber hole in the barrel – just deep enough so a 45ACP fits in good and snug. But don’t drill all the way through the barrel. You’ll need that plugged barrel for “dramatic effect” and the “Wow’s” that follow. Oh! One last thing: use your non-wanking hand to squeeze the trigger. At least you’ll have one good hand left to do something more useful than quack gunsmithing.

  42. So, here I am again after like two years – glad to see this page’s still up :-D.

    Anyway, after doing quite a few mods, I have to say that pretty much any blank firing gun can be used to propel “ammunition” out of it. Not real bullets (which are much heavier), but enough to stop someone charging at you and wound or likely kill him.

    The simplest way is to drill the barrel (they’re fixed on most of these guns so they can’t be replaced, so find someone you can trust, btw) with a stationary drill press or worst case scenario, a simple drill (but it’s highly inadvisable since you can thin out the barrel if you don’t drill 100% straight and it can explode).

    Then convert the blank cartridges to “real” ones by inserting ball bearings of the appropriate diameter or better yet .22 or bigger caliber lead BBs (better because they won’t ricochet if shot at anything hard like a wall, steel, asphalt, etc.) or if you need it for close range, lead bird shot or very small BBs. Best solution – cast your own, custom-diameter lead BBs using lead from used car batteries – you’ll be proud of yourself, as well :-D.

    Accuracy in this case depends on how well you drilled the barrel and the diameter of the ammo used – it should be as close to the barrel’s as possible.

    The likelihood that your gun will explode is minimal – the guns are already made for firing fast-expanding gases and operating the loader/ejector mechanism, plus you have the original hole where the gas escapes to reduce the pressure (can even save you if your bullet gets stuck!). The only way to fuck it up is to fill the cartridge with more powder than originally intended (why would you do that?!) or to thin out the barrel when drilling (that’s why be careful).

    If you live in some Eastern European country and want something simpler, just get a Flobert gun and fill those cartridges with as much powder (from 8-9mm blank cartridges) as possible. It sounds quite loud and can actually do some damage or even kill if shot at the head (but better just break a window so the attacker knows your gun is real).

    Alternatively, you can make a longer Flobert cartridge from 2-3 short ones or a copper/PTFE tube. But be careful – the gun must have a breechblock – the cartridge must not be resting on the hammer (there are some of these stupid guns around) or you’ll shoot yourself in the face!

    Also, I was stupid and lucky before – if the police catch you with one of these, YOU ARE SO F**KED! 10-20 years minimum and if you kill someone, you go away for LIFE in most countries. And if your gun does not stop the attacker and he has a knife, you’re also F’ed!

    My personal opinion – totally not worth it! For self defense, better learn to use your fists and legs (throw a few punches and run). But if your hands itch for a cool and dangerous project or you want to have a gun for training and can’t get your hands on a real one, go ahead (just have a second blank gun to show to the police and anyone who asks what you’re doing :-D)…

  43. i know someone who has tried this in the past, with a lil .22 style blank gun and a revolver. Both of them had a partial open barrel. The 22 style one was alot easier to drill through the barrel, but is is best to use something to hold the blank pistol in place while it is drilled.. so that u drill straight down and not sideways at all. the steel in the barrels that clog it are alot harder than the metal the barrel is made of, so u want to keep it as straight as possible. The guns did shoot and did not blow up. Im not sure though if your trying to use real bullets!!! this person drilled the barrels and used a few small bb’s or lead from fishing line weights.. casue it is soft and can be molded into shapes.. then they put in in the barrel wraped in a peice of tissue paper.. so it like a old classic muzzel loader.. and it worked .. with just the blank round.. and on the revolvers the revolving chambers are a lil off so were the blank round goes in.. is larger than were it comes out.. so u basically only use the blank cartrage for its power and the barrel like a small muzzel loader… u might want to tie a string to the trigger and tie the pistol down.. and pull the first few shots… just to test it fist.. for safty… this is prob. Illeagle in all states.. so be carefull..lol

  44. if ur going to go through all this trouble for a real gun ill give you a little pointer, DO NOT USE ANYTHING BUT .22 CAL BLANK GUNS. unless u want to play xbox with your feet the rest of ur life. the .22 cal is easy to modify, drill out a hole (and yes use a proper level dont guess) and insert a 1/8″ galvinized pipe. make sure it lines up to the reciever and all bullets feed n fire properly. never use live rounds to test with start with pullin the bullet out of casing removing powder, put bullet back in snug and test with just that. its highly illegal and u will spend just as much as a real gun all n all not worth it but i figure my input might help u. goooood luuuuck lol

  45. In central Europe, you can buy various military guns converted to blanks (for example scorpions or mg42s here in Slovakia from 130 to 700€) there are often criminals in the news who use unblocked salve blank guns like these…

  46. If you un-block the gun best thing you could do is reduced load with rubber bullets.. real 9mm ammo on the other hand.. well you won’t have another hand..

  47. u have to use steel pipe inside the pot metal frame. then its strong enough for the round discharch. only a dumbass wouldnt know that. now u do

  48. No one here has a clue what they are talking about.
    If you are going to convert a blank firing gun first buy the best and most expensive one that you can.
    I know one 9mm that is exactly the same as the real 9mm except for the barrel-
    This you will have to replace and to do this you will need special tools and expertise.
    Buy a tube of stainles steel and make a new barrel and fit it.
    Of course it can be done but not by an amatuer – you need to know how to drill a perfectly straight hole for example – its a trade secret but once you know its not so dificult.
    New barrel and the gun can shoot any ammo – stainles or moly steel go to a steel suppliers and make up a story why you need such high tensile strength metal – they will sell you it.

  49. I do not want to turn my blank replica into a real gun,i just want to remove the ball bearing from it.

  50. This may be a bit late to tell you this but the mainstream blank fire guns cannot – I repeat cannot be drilled through and anyone suggesting otherwise clearly hasn’t tried it because I have and to the cost of serious money wasted on diamond bit carbide carbon stainless steel and a whole lot of other drill bits wouldn’t cut beyond the blockage in the barrel because its made of Carbon type substance. The only way round it is to strip the weapon(ie Glock 17) and cut out the barrel just behind the blockage and have a new barrel machined to be a tight fit into the hole which is the end of the chamber discharge port and make sure to measure the depth you insert it to, as it needs to become the stop for the blank round. Use a strong epoxy metal glue. Also make sure the barrel is cut to the right length. A good idea is to use a .22 BB barrel cut to length but one end machined down to fit the hole which is behind the carbon blockage. – It works because I did it and got into trouble with the Law bloody serious trouble.

  51. I converted my blank aras, Volga, derringer, and jackal to fire projectiles almost 2 years ago and have had now issues. For Volga and aras, I bought the front firing versions and drill pressed out the small obstruction. I then pulled the slugs out of 9mm rounds, emptied the powder and cut the cartridge down in length, them put the powder back in the cartridges and pressed the slugs back in. This made the total length of cartridge and slug equal to the total length of the blank slug…. Hence they fit perfectly into the clips designed for blanks only (yes the powder charge was smaller, so some velocity was lost. I then used a drill press to hone out the zinc barrel a few microns wider than the lead slug(to prevent the gun from blowing up, this causes a small decrease in accuracy, but the inside of the barrels do not have spirals machined into them any way.). You must widen the gun barrels to more than 9 mm, if you don’t then the friction(zinc is soft) could stop the slug and cause the barrel to become a pipe bomb. I’ve been firing my shortend ammo out of these guns for almost 2 years without issue… The derringer is easier, first drill out the 2 small caps on the end of barrels, then soak the barrel in penetrating oil over night. Then grab the steel pin blocking the barrel with needle nose pliers and it will slide out and the barrels will be clear, carefully heating it with a blowtorch can help. The pin blocking the barrel is not threaded, simply pressed in. Then put the barrels under the drill press and hone out the barrels with a .24 caliber drill bit. Where the blocking pin came out, is a hole. Find an appropriate screw, screw it into the hole, then grind down the screw head just enough to close the barrels. This will space the barrels up just enough so that when you pull the trigger both rim fire 22lr’s will be struck and you will now be firing both barrels at the same time… :). .22 + .22 = .44. Twice the damage, and I recommend using hollow points and 22long rifle rounds for more punch. I practice with the derringer on a regular basis, nice gun. If you are worried that honing over spec the zinc barrels on the semi autos is unsafe, then hone them .10, or .15 over then use a press to press a steel tube into the barrel as a reinforcing liner. The cut 9mm cartridges and approx 30% less powder will help reduce risk. Fired modified 9mm rounds out of the jackal on full auto many times, no issues.

  52. @Elvis, thanks for that usefull information !,
    I was starting to think this was just for teenagers.
    Ive just priced up a cobalt bit, and I can see the blockage is a different colour to the barrel,
    under the UK VCR ACT, I think it states that the barrel must be blocked with a harder composite, so I believe what you say.
    Thanks for your advice 🙂

  53. P.s. I think the gun is manufactured in Italy, and you can buy spare parts for it.
    I think that the Italian version has an open barrel ?.
    If i am right, purchasing this barrel is not Illegal,
    (But fitting it to a gun in the UK would be)

  54. Several “Front Firing Blank Guns” can be converted to fire live ammo(usually .380). As most others here have pointed out though, the barrels are not constructed of a strong enough material to contain the pressure though. Replacing the barrel (not a simple task for an amateur) is really all that’s necessary however. I would also look into replacing the firing-pin with a higher quality one as well. This all being said, I can think of only a very few situations where I would condone converting a non-weapon to live fire. It’s just not that difficult to purchase a real one either legally or even off the street.

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