My Internet At Work Has Been Given A Content Advisor Password?

Is there anyway to maybe bypass this password so I can go online, I was thinking of downloading the firefox installation program and copying it to a cd and try loading it at my work computer, we use internet explorer at work, do u think this might work if I install another browser? Any help would be appreciated.


  1. They put that on there for a reason you know. Trying to bypass it or crack the password is a good way to get yourself escorted out the door and to the unemployment line.

  2. that is cause your company has earmarked you for watching porn at work…. sorry to say..THEY GOTCH YOU !!!!!

  3. I wouldn’t chance it. If one of our employees pulled a trick like that, they wouldn’t be employed for very long. I suppose it depends on how much you want/need your job.

  4. why not just bring a laptop to work and hook it up to the connection that the computer at work is hooked to, so you can go online.

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