My iphone is frozen!!!?

Question by : My iphone is frozen!!!?
I dropped my iphone from about 2 feet and it landed on its back with the screen facing up. It didnt hit the ground hard at all! When I picked it up the lock screen where it says “slide to unlock” was frozen it wouldn’t allow me to unlock it. SOOOOOO I tried restarting it by pressing the lock and home keys at the same time but now it has been on the start up screen with the black background and the silver apple FOREVER! It has the loading thing in the middle. It has done this before (that time i didnt drop it) and for 3 days straight it stay on this same screen. the battery never died. I took it to AT&T and she did something that fixed it..until i got home and it froze again -_- Anyone encounter this problem? How did you fix it? Any suggestions?
Of course I tried the 3rd suggestion and it worked!!! THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!:D

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Answer by simon
try doing a reset from itunes

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  1. OMG!! Just place it in the microwave to unfreeze it! Com’on, the modern microwave of today can de-thal just about anything now days!

  2. try pressing the and holding down the home screen button and the power button at the same time. Remember to press them both at the same time and to keep them held down. This perform what’s called a hard reset on you phone. If this works but then your phone freezes again or if this doesn’t work you may want to consider seeing if you can get your phone replaced.

  3. Yes, It happened to me quite a few times, some of them due to dripping the phone. I hard restart it by pressing and HOLDING lock and home keys for several seconds. Hold both buttons pressed about 10-15 seconds. It always works for me…

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