1. you need a password.. its different for every school and they normally change the passwords like once a month or something, so if you do find out the password i would be hard to keep it haha.. sorry but good luck

  2. there are proxies. Like a youtube or myspace proxy…
    Jeopardizing your computer privilages at school, eh?
    I don’t think that’s a good idea. I have done it before and didn’t get caught, but I’m not taking chances this year.

  3. Damn!
    I have a radical idea!
    How about trying to LEARN something at school instead of treating it like your personal e-hub!?
    The filters are there for a reason.

  4. u would need a tool from the internet but —sorry i beleave in studying –not downloading music or being on a social net work all that can be done at home on your free time

  5. its funny you could actually change the background of the “syncronized eyes” so when your blocked why not have alittle fun haha. I major in computer science so i know a few things about computers of course and the “syncronized eyes” program

  6. Ok one thing those computer software Experts don’t know is that it takes 5 seconds to set up a way to unblock the sync eyes. (By the way I’m a 9th grader at a failing school and I think it’s Intreasting that I can find a way past this program but a collage graduate who majors in computer software can’t) but anyways theirs acouple steps to get past it. 1st log into the computer normally. Teachers generally can’t lock a computer till it has an actual server. 2nd open up a word document or power point or something that will ask u to save before u log out. Make sure u don’t save the document. 3rd when the teacher lockes down the computer simply press the power button. It will then ask u If u want to save the document. 4th And finally press cancel and u are then free to go.

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