Need Help With Trying To Bypass Firewall!?

Okay. The only access i have to internet is through my local library’s computers. Unfortunately, they have blocked many websites i love. In this case, i’d like to know if anyone has a technique for bypassing the firewall in order to get access to Youtube. Only way i get to watch my music videos!!!
Thanks in advance for the help! XP


  1. Even if you find an open port, they could have something like an iPrism that let’s traffic through but sensors for key words and text. Get your own internet access and you wont have to worry about it. Besides if you would happen to find a way around their system and they found out? You’d be banned from their comps so is it worth it?

  2. As the library’s computers are accessible to everyone, it is only right that they have all the protections in place to prevent access to inappropriate sites by the young and vulnerable. So much inappropriate stuff is now being put on UTube that it is being blocked when using computers in the public place and rightly so. If you wish to spend time on the internet, computers have come down to much in price that you should be able to buy your own very cheaply and then have the freedom to log into whatever you want in the privacy of your own home.

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