No Power To Radio Igition Wire. Radio Not Powering On. Anyone Know How To Fix This?

The stock radio stopped turning on. Using a 12 light tester, I have discovered that when the truck (97 F-150) is “on”, the radio 12v ignition wire receives no power. I have no idea how to repair this, or bypass this. Would love to hear any ideas. The constant 12v receives power. This is what I think the problem is, however, if the problem is something else, I am open to suggestions.
I am quite open to buying an aftermarket stereo if the problem is within the radio itself.
My current “radio” is my ipod connected to some computer speakers, so any help is appreciated to make my factory radio work again.

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  1. ok i think you might be confused if the car is off then the wire that lights up is the constant the ignition is the wire that turns on when the key is turn the ground is the one thats not going to turn on at all usually black or brown but in anycase if your open to getting an aftermarket i say go for it its always better but make sure you get a wiring harness so that you make it easier when installing the wires

  2. just by the new radio get a wire harness if you still dont have the power on theignition wire, i believe its the red wire on the harness if not its the yellow, either way one gets 12v when u turn the key, just take a wire from your fuse box off one off the spare spots that gets 12v when u turn your key allways 1 or 2 spares there that do that. good luck

  3. try this find your fuse box and check the fuse make sure the fuse(s) are not blown. If it is then change the fuse. Usually in most cars and trucks there are two fuses when one fuse blows the othere cannot hold the power to operate the radio. But instead the other fuse holds just enough power to keep your settings from being reset. The 3 main power wires to a head unit are :
    RED – Main power. This turns the head unit on when the key is turned on.
    Yellow – Constant 12V. This one maintains the memory of your settings so you dont have to keep setting the radio everytime you turn on the key.
    Black or Brown – Negative or Ground. This should be connected to the vehicles chassis to prevent short out.
    Check these suggestions and the connection of the wires and if this doesnt help then drop by your local car audio shop and they can better assist you. Hope this helps….

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