Our Network Admin Monitors The Bandwidth Usage Of Computers. Is There Any Way I Can Prevent Him From Doing It?

The admin disables the internet connection of the computer if it exceeds certain bandwidth. Is there any way I can get around this? If I change my MAC address, and then he disables internet connection on my computer, will I be able to connect to connect to internet again once I change my MAC address? Any suggestions on how to bypass this?


  1. No there is now way to do it. I’m assuming when you say to change the MAC address you are referring to IP address (ie:
    MAC address are physical address on your network card. (you can’t change that).
    IP address: If you change the IP address, then you will loose connection to your network. For example: If your IP address is and the default gateway is If you change it to for example, then it will stop communicating with the default gateway. The computer will think that it is part of a different network.
    Unless you are the administrator, DO NOT EVER change IP address settings.
    If you seriously want to use the inter for personal use, buy a smart phone (blackberry) or use your internet at home.

  2. That would depend on what he’s monitoring. For example, he might monitor what port on a router/switch is connected to what computer (by MAC address). If this is the case, he may get notification when you change your MAC and/or your connection will not work.
    I would recommend getting a mobile wireless internet device and using that as they are cheap in most countries and a lot less painful.
    It’s not worth loosing your job over a little bandwidth – remember there’s not just the technical limitation, but the contractual policy one also 😉

  3. No. All the suggestions given to you so far are grounds for your termination.
    You want your internet? Go home, pay for it and surf all you want.
    When you are in a corporate environment, you own NOTHING. You DO NOT own:
    – PC you use,
    – the network you are provided to do your WORK,
    – the bandwidth the company pays for to do your WORK
    Based on how your network is setup, your company is almost surely monitoring all activity – yes, including incoming/outgoing email.
    This stuff is TRIVIAL to IT Admins. Don’t think for one minute that modifying (assuming you can in the first place) things will go undetected, or else the next question you’ll ask is where to find a new job.

  4. Nope. I seriously doubt you’re a hacker or a computer expert so don’t mess with the settings. Even if you change your MAC you will still have to use that network adress to connect to so, if it is unknown to the admin’s network, i guess you won’t be able to connect afterwards.
    If you can, try using his computer and reset the bandwidth meter there.
    You’re out of luck unfortunately.

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