Please help… How to download a game on PSN?

Question by Exreva: Please help… How to download a game on PSN?
I just got a PS3 recently and purchased MAG on the PSN. While it was downloading 5 files, I noticed the actual game was not on the list, just three language packs, a “full game unlock,” and a demo, so I stopped the download — went to Game Utility or something and MAG was listed but I literally could not do anything to it except delete it or see information — the information just tells me when it was downloaded and the size (237mb).

Should I just download all these language packs and stuff and will that somehow give me the game? What am I doing wrong here?…

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Answer by adidasĀ®
Download the demo, the Full Game Unlock will unlock the demo into the full game. Download all the other content as well.

XMB > PlayStation Network > Account Management > Transaction Management > Download List

Once everything is downloaded, it will need to be installed (if you are doing Background Download), which you will find in bubbles in the Game section of the XMB.

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  1. The demo IS the full game. It’s just locked until such time that it’s purchased. Guess what the full game unlock does?

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