Q&A: Does anyone know a website to access facebook and things like that?

Question by dylan m: Does anyone know a website to access facebook and things like that?
My school also blocked websites that can lead to facebook and unblocking proxy websites. Is there one that wouldn’t be blocked?

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Answer by the_master_empire
The best solution is to use a proxy thats
1. under one week old,
2. not listed on any public proxy lists and
3. doesn’t have taboo words in it’s name like “proxy”, “filter” “unblock”, etc.

There’s a very good chance that it’s not blocked.

A great service that meets these criteria is http://webfreed.com They post private (hidden) proxies that are under 1 week old. WebFreed also offers proxy list by rss feed so you can have access to the proxies even if their site gets blocked (through public feed readers).

My work blocks everything (I’m working in a financial institution so the rules are strict in here) and, yet, I have been able to use their service without problems.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

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  1. This is much help, but you can try.
    I know I’ve seen an EVENT (yes… an event), that acts like a group. It’s called something like “how to access facebook from school”. If you join it, the creaters/admins send out messages about all the newest/least blocked proxy websites. I haven’t joined it, so I can’t be sure that it works, but I’ve seen it.

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