Q&A: Does anyone know how cats act after they’ve received treatment?

Question by Niur: Does anyone know how cats act after they’ve received treatment?
for a blocked urethra? I took my cat to the vet because he wasn’t able to urinate, and the vet “unblocked” him and now my cat is at home, but I’m afraid that he may be “blocked” again because he’s still not able to urinate on his own. He tries but doesn’t do much. He is not in pain, and beside from his inability to pee, he seems quite alright. Is this normal?

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Answer by Teddy C
Hm. Go and get him checked for crystals in the urine, or kidney stones. That’s what my cat had.

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  1. phone ur vet up and ask him he may advise u to bring him back or he may be able to help over the fone

  2. If he is not urinating you need to get him to the vet ASAP. A male cat that is blocked is in serious danger. His bladder can actually burst causing urine to get in his abdomen and thus killing him. It is common sometimes for a cat to block again after the catheter is removed. Even if he urinated at the vets. He could have small stones that took a while to block the urethra. Please get him in as soon as possible. You can gently squeeze his stomach and feel his bladder. It’s about 3/4 of the way back from his ribs to his pelvis. Do NOT squeeze hard. Just enough pressure to find the bladder. It should be no larger than a golf ball. If it is then pack him up and head out straight away.

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