Q&A: HELP how do i DO IT?

Question by ?Eryn aka Miami?: HELP how do i DO IT?
i have this i560 that my brother gave me and he put a “UNLOCK CODE” on the phone and he doesn’t remember what he put it as! And he doesn’t know what the “SECURITY CODE” is eather!!!!

And the phone does not have a activated sim card.

And i was wondering if there is anyway you can tell me away to “UNLOCK” the phone?
!Thank You!

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Answer by paul y
owners manual will give you a toll free number..you are not alone

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  1. Ring the main company of who you you are with ie vodavode or look on the internet it should tell ya.

    Good luck

  2. The original supplier should have your security code, you will need to give them the long number from the bar code written in the phone.
    Other than that if you go to a second hand mobile repair shop most will reset the phone for £10 but it will then be barred from the origianl network.

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