Q&A: How do I bypass “Lightspeed” website blocker at school?

Question by iAsk: How do I bypass “Lightspeed” website blocker at school?
Yeah I know you guys are going to say you should be doing your work at school. but when I finish and have 10 minutes left It’s boring as hell and I want to browse youtube and stuff so is there a way to disable or make myself admin there PC computers windows xp I did a hack to unblock CMD so i can use cmd

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Answer by Colanth
Making yourself admin on the computer (not possible without the password, if the computers are set up correctly) won’t bypass Lightspeed. Only physically modifying the network will. But remember – you’ll be denied computer access while serving your prison sentence.

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  1. Try proxy websites. There were some proxy websites they didn’t block that allowed you to surf the interwebs.

  2. I’m sorry, if you have Lightspeed, you can’t.
    At my school, we have lightspeed, and I have tried literally everything.
    Maybe if you can get the portable Tor on a flash drive, and find some unblocked ports, you can work with something.

    But, at my school, we only have 2 days left, so our tech person unblocked all the websites except the porno ones. Yay for awesome admins! 😀

  3. use 1 of the below


  4. Go into yo4 computers main stuff. Find a program called “Regedit” find lightspeed folder then find the file with the beginning code of the word student then put administrator where Student is.

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