Q&A: How do you unblock “writer’s block”?

Question by Denise: How do you unblock “writer’s block”?
I need to finish a piece of work. I will take any suggestions or writing exercises that may help.

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Answer by Va Blesteama
Do something to take your mind 100% off of what your writing!

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  1. I have usually seen that nice long walk or half an hour of deep breathing and meditating helps me.
    If not you could try just reading something you enjoy it usually tends to give you ideas.
    Or call someone up and start a discussion on the piece of work you have to write. I have seen bouncing idead of someone else usually gets me new ones that help a lot.
    Those are the things i usually do.
    Hope one of them works for you.

  2. As one answer said. Take time off.

    Forget the story for a while, say a day or more. Then start thinking about the main character, what he/sh is like and how would they write the story (if they could). You could even talk with them, ask them for an idea.

    It might work, it might not.

    It does for me.

    Try it.

  3. I’ve never heard it been asked that way before.

    Some tips for dealing with writer’s block:

    – Take a break from what you’re doing and put it out of your mind. Staring at the computer screen or piece of paper doesn’t help at all.

    – Walk outside, and go on streets you normally wouldn’t if possible. Exercise helps to clear mind and even give some perspective especially if its outside.

    – You need to not worry about failing, and realize most people aren’t very original in their writings.

    – Get the main ideas down before touching it up. Writer’s block often times is a result of feeling overwhelmed by the task. Its fine if your article or story isn’t good because you can alter it later on to make it better.

    This is a short guide to overcoming writer’s block:


  4. I think instead of taking your mind totally off topic, I agree with another answer here that you should review similar material to put yourself in the right mind to think about your work.

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