Q&A: i need help with my panasonic 5 disc home theater system?

Question by rachael.abrams22: i need help with my panasonic 5 disc home theater system?
so i was watching a movie and somehow i ended up locking my dvd player! now i cannot press any button, not even the eject! does anyone know how to “unlock” this? you’d be a great amount of help!

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Answer by Jeff ==(##) o
I would try totally unplug and power it down for 30 seconds, then turn it on. If still not working, call Panasonic support 800 number

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  1. Try This:

    Try first unplugging unit from main, and holding the cancel button.

    If that does not work try the following:
    Hold at the same time the stop button on the main unit and key >10 on the remote control at the same time for about 5 seconds, until you get the word “initialised” on display. This will reset the unit to factory settings.

  2. you have to undo what you did to lock it hopefully it came with a remote?? if not unplug dvd player plug back in and hit the power button then the eject button see if this works if not start reading your manual.

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