Q&A: If i purchase a Nokia N97 can i use it in Thailand?

Question by ******: If i purchase a Nokia N97 can i use it in Thailand?
If i purchase a Nokia N97 can i use it in Thailand?I want to use it with AIS….
I hear they now have a plan ? so you can send email’s etc…
Also It will be a phone that was made in USA… so how does that work? does this phone need to be “unlocked” like the iphone? please explain thanks.

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Answer by gman
You’ve got 2 iPhones, why would you want a Nokia?

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  1. Yes you can use your Nokia N97 in Thailand. Just make sure your phone is “unlocked” as you suggested. Buy a sim card (comes with some prepaid credit) and a prepaid top-up card (maximum is 300 baht) which are available everywhere such as 7 Eleven stores. Most popular brand is AIS and another brand (I forgot the name) which both are good for local calls. Check out the cost of phone call rates before you buy a sim card if you want it for international calls.
    Just give the sim card time to “kick in” and follow the instructions which are in English too. You wont have any problems with a AIS Prepaid Sim Card and Top Up Card.

  2. technically yes…..legally no….a foreigner theoretically is not allowed a phone in Thailand…..how weird is that?

  3. as long as the Nokia N97 is unlock then you might have to buy a Thai simcard… it very cheap, you can just buy it from 7eleven…

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