Q&A: iPod difficulties – repeated turning off & on?

Question by : iPod difficulties – repeated turning off & on?
My iPod just recently started acting weird. I turn it on and scroll around on the home screen for a bit, then all of a sudden it turns off as if you just clicked the button at the top to turn the screen off. Then, it turns on, and the “slide to unlock” appears. well. when i do that, it shows the “slide to turn the power off” at the top and the ‘cancel’ button at the bottom, as if you held the power button for lk 5 seconds as if to turn the iPod off.

i click cancel, and it repeats again. Any ideas on how to fix this problem? If you need any clarification, I’ll be able to supply it.

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Answer by desertgirl
With ipod difficulties, send it into apple repair. I don’t know how long you have had it, but ipod’s older than 4 years typically need to be replaced. If it is newer than that, then it may just have a defect and need to be replaced. There are so many possibilities to why it is acting up, if it doesn’t go back to normal in a few days just take it to have it looked at.

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