Q&A: my itouch screen isnt working on touching?

Question by : my itouch screen isnt working on touching?
ok so i dont know how to ask the question properly. i know :/ but please help me i ur help
so today it was raining and my itouch worked
after like 5 minutes of the rain.. i ws trying to “slide to unlock” but it didn’t work 🙁 it works fine with charge and such crap..(sorry. i am really mad) but can u guys tell me
P.S. i do NOT have a warranty or wtever
oh and by the way i dont have rice, would rice crisps work??
and i cant do the blow dryer thing because none of my family members know yet :/

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Answer by Ginny C
well it sounds like you’ve had it inside for awhile, nontheless i would be sure that your hands are warm and dry. the touch screen responds more to heat than touch. other than that, I would recoment standard hardware-no-workey stuff, like shut it down and leave it for a few minuites, then turn it back on. if that dosent work, i would remove any kind of sim card the itouch has and let that dry out and put it back in.

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