Q&A: OSD Locked on my LG monitor, how do i fix it?

Question by Sam: OSD Locked on my LG monitor, how do i fix it?
When ever I press the buttons on my monitor it says OSD locked. I’ve tried the “Hold the Menu button for a couple of second, and it will be unlocked” .. Ive tried that many times, it doesn’t work. It just keeps saying OSD locked.

And also, my desktop icons has been very big after that time I restarted my computer. i ALSO right-clicked desktop, properties to change my resolution… but that didn’t work either. It just says “Analog, out of range”. I don’t know why this is happening, I did not change any settings at all. How can I get my computer back to normal? Does this have anything to do with my OSD locked??

Any way I can fix this please?!
would be greatly appreciated if there was some steps. thank you!!

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Answer by susing
Your question is like saying you have GM car and it won’t start.
You need to post your model number, size and type (lcd or led or crt”

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