Q&A: The power locks in my 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback constantly try to unlock my doors and drained my battery?

Question by Autumn: The power locks in my 1998 Subaru Legacy Outback constantly try to unlock my doors and drained my battery?
To my surprise, I discovered a dead battery the other day when I tried to leave work. I didn’t leave any lights on or anything. I was broke at the time, so any time I needed to start my car, it would require a “jump” from another car. As soon as I shut the engine off each time, it wouldn’t start unless I got a “jump”. I finally replaced the battery yesterday at my local Advanced Auto Parts store. My car started right up. The thing is, though, that my outdoor lights kept flickering on/off, and a clicking noise could be heard inside my car, almost like my emergency lights were on. I drove home and figured out that my power locks kept trying to continuously unlock the doors. This is definitely the source of the problem that caused my battery to drain, and I’m afraid it’s going to happen again. I got the car to stop doing this by pressing the “unlock” button on my proximity key, so I’m going to stick to manually unlocking/locking the doors until I’m able to get it fixed. What could be causing this problem, and does anyone know about how much it will cost to get it fixed? I have a husband and daughter, and we live on a tight budget, barely making ends meet from paycheck to paycheck. I’m really hoping it won’t be too complicated/expensive to fix. It sounds to me like there might be a short or something in the wiring. Any advice or information would be much appreciated. I’m afraid to take it to a mechanic right now because I don’t want to be charged anything for taking a look at the problem.

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Answer by Kristina
It could be a switch stuck in the unlock position. Check all the doors to make sure this isn’t the case. try wiggling them with the car to to see which one it is, and if it stops.

It could also be wiring issue if that doesn’t fix it. Depending on the way the car is wired (idk) you could take the fuse out for the automatic door locks and just use your key.

the remote entry shouldn’t be able to continue this after it is out of range and unlikely to cause the doors to continue to unlock.
–Hope this helps some

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  1. The first place I would look is at the wiring harness that runs between the driver’s door and the car body (near where the door hinges are).

    That cable has been flexing for 13+ years now. It’s easy for a short to form after that much time.

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