Q&A: What method or program should I use to flash my Xbox360 BenQ drive?

Question by euge963: What method or program should I use to flash my Xbox360 BenQ drive?
I have a BenQ drive in my Xbox360. I want to flash it using my xbox to power the drive. I am wondering if I should use a program in windows like JungleFlasher. Or should i use a DOS based program such as DosFlash 1.7?

Using Windows Vista for my desktop pc.


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Answer by Mcegan
I recently used jungleflasher for the first time and it really is the easiest way. However make sure your Vista is 32bit. Jungleflasher is not compatible with 64bit. If yours is, you have no choice but to either install a 32bit windows, or use a dos method.

Also make sure you install PortIO 32. It’s a weird install…I linked a guide for it for you. Doesn’t have Vista but you should be able to translate the XP steps to Vista.

If your Benq has never been modded, the great thing about Jungleflasher is the “Benq unlock” button. Basically saves you from having to fuck around with the “tray half open” thing. You just press the button and it puts it in vendor mode for you. From there it’s just read the firmware, write the key from your firmware to the hacked firmware, and then burn the firmware. Check the guide I linked for detailed steps.

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