Q&A: Windows Medial Player 11 for Vista HeLppp!!!! please…?

Question by sgniqua1112: Windows Medial Player 11 for Vista HeLppp!!!! please…?
my laptop- that has windows media player 11- and Vista. Something pops up in my internet browser saying i have to download a license or something like that in order to protect the file…. how do i do that because i would really like my music back, so i can listen to it. Thanks in Advance for you help!!!

This is what it says when I try to play the file… “A license is required to play this file

The file you are trying to play was ripped (copied) from an audio CD.

During the ripping process, the file was “protected.” This limits the number of computers on which the file can be played.

To play the file on this computer, you must download a license (a process known as “license migration”). A license acts an electronic key that allows you to “unlock” a protected file and play it.

To download a license for this file, click Download License.”

……then I go on to click on the Download License Button, and it says I don’t have the windows media services plug-in installed in my computer…. what Do I doo from there??
i already have the files downloaded from the CD and some of the CDs i borrowed therefore i dont have them anymore…. just as the music files on my flash drive and old computer… i tried to play them on the laptop but that screen keeps coming up
i need to know how to download the Windows Media Services Plug-In please and thanks!!!

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Answer by superawesomecooldude
Try using “Exact Audio Copy” to copy the cd to perfect quality tracks to store on your computer instead of Windows. If you don’t got the cd then you could try converting it or something and hopefully the protection will go away.

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