Question about T-Mobile Deutschland iPhone with american T-Mobile service?

Question by : Question about T-Mobile Deutschland iPhone with american T-Mobile service?
PLEASE: take the precious time out of your day to aid in fixing my dilemma!

Currently, I live in america. I REALLY want the new iPhone 3G(S), (yes, I know it’s not out just yet). If I were to purchase a German iPhone, would I be able to use it with american T-Mobile service?

I understand that I may have to “unlock” it, and I’ve heard there are free tools to do so… IF it’s necessary to do so, please tell me the name of the tool I need (yes its legal to say that, so long as you don’t actually provide the tool, so, no fear).

The most important thing to me is that all the features work – ESPECIALLY 3G! I’ve read elsewhere that T-Mobile has an estranged band of 3G from AT&T, so an american AT&T phone will most likely not work, but that’s fine – the German one should. However I would understand if some features didn’t…


Finally, if none of this is worth it, tell me. If it would be easier and more simple to just get american AT&T service, I understand. But can you give me an estimate on what the approximate price would be for unlimited text and 3G? I couldn’t care less about how many minutes or whatever I get for calls – I hardly ever call others – we live in a digitally-driven world now. Also, about how much would it cost to break a T-Mobile contract? I think I have about 1 to 2 more contracted years if I remember correctly.


Thank you for your time and patience, for anyone who attempts to answer me!! If you would need help with a question I could answer, I would surely help you!

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Answer by kat
to cancel with t-mobile in would be
$ 200 if more than 180 days remaining on contract
$ 100 if 91 to 180 days left
$ 50 if 31 to 90 days left
$ 50 or your monthly recurring charges whichever is less if 30 days or less

now as for unlocking the Phone we have had phones unlocked and used them fr tmobile and we could make calls and text but could not download any thing because of the programing of the phone in was not supported by tmobiles network

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