Should I update my iPhone to the 3.0?

Question by Shelby Marchetta: Should I update my iPhone to the 3.0?
Last time I updated my iPhone, it was successful, but my iPhone ended up inaccessible. You know, when you “slide to unlock” you get into the home menu where all the applications are there and stuff. But last time I updated my iPhone, you can’t go there. It’s like, I don’t know.

I want to know if that will happen, and if it does, how do I fix it? Last time I got someone at the store to fix it for me.
Yeah, but last time my iPhone got “bricked” or whatever it’s called because I updated it. Here’s what it looks like when that happens:

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Answer by sexxie
well in my opinion i would update it reasons below

1 more features
2 copy and past
3 improves battery life
4 horizontal keyboard for faster texting

hope i helped you out =)

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  1. adding to what sexxie already said, it would be safer if you have your iPhone upgraded in the store to 3.0. they’re supposed to have a warranty for that service.
    You will definitely enjoy using more apps in the 3.0 OS.

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