System Password Bypass?

I just got a used computer. I am trying to install windows vista and it said no operating system. so when it boots it says press F1 to go to system settings and when i n press it it said enter password. Is there a way to bypass it? Please help!!!


  1. For every method of password protecting a computer, there is a method of defeating said protection, especially if you have physical access to the computer, Since its your PC That shoud not be a problem, BIOS passwords are one of the oldest methods of Protecting Computer systems from uanuthorized use, and also one of the least used. Password protection your computer BIOS is a simple and effective means of locking unwanted intruders out of your computer, provided they have no access to the box itself or now hardware knowledge. If they do its the equivalent of locking your house and leaving your back window open, Fortunately for you, If you forgot your keys inside, its easy to get back in. All Motherboards have a stored default configuration for their BIOS which does not include password protection, for obvious reasons. There for, to defeat a BIOS, password, all you need to do is manually reset the motherboard BIOS to its default settings. Please note that resetting the BIOS to remove a password will also reomove any other changes you have made to the default settings. Resetting the BIOS can be accomplished in one of two ways. Most modern Motherboards have a jumper built onto the board which will clear the CMOS(the onboard memory which stores any changes made to the default BIOS settings) Clearing the CMOS removes any changes made to the default BIOS settings.Generally this jumper is located next to the motherboard battery itself, but we recommend that you consult your motherboard manual for the correct location. Note that some boards do not have a jumper in this position, but rather two contacts which you will need to (carefully) bridge with a metal object like a screwdriver. To Clear the CMOS using the jumper; Turn the computer off , and set the jumper to the closed position(with the jumper bridging both metal pins). Press the power button to turn the computer on, Your system will not power up,but the CMOS is cleared by this action. Then, open the jumper(put the jumper back to the default position) and power on the computer normaly. You will most likely be stopped in the POST screen and prompted to press F1 or another key to set BIOS defaults. Do so,and from the BIOS screen, simply save and exit to load your computer normally , Minos the BIOS password.

  2. Generally there is a jumper you can short out on the motherboard to completely reset the BIOS to factory defaults, also removing whatever BIOS password it might have had. I’d try that.
    Most newer motherboards will have no other jumpers than this one for this particular purpose, so there probably won’t be anything else to confuse it with.

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