The doors on my Isuzu Rodeo keep freezing, how can i help it?

Question by Christian: The doors on my Isuzu Rodeo keep freezing, how can i help it?
Every morning when its cold the doors on my car seem to freeze shut. But with this it isn’t your normal frozen locks or frozen doors. The doors can open and when i hit “unlock” you can hear all the locks move but the problem is that the plastic rods that come out of the doors do not move. These rods normally alert you to the car being unlocked but when its cold they refuse to move, and so even though i can hear the doors unlocking the fact that these things dont work keeps the door from opening. Please help its a horrible pain especially on freezing cold mornings.

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Answer by William W
After you get the doors open, spray these rods & the holes they came out of with some WD40.

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  1. You can spray into your doors WD-40 or a lock de-icer. This should fix the problem, spray where the keys go too. If your doors are freezing, when they make the sound of unlocking but don’t, it will eventually cause damage. To get the WD-40 (or De-icer) where it needs to go, either pull off your door panels (The hard way) or spray it down where your window is. (Easy, yet slightly messy way.)

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