Unlocked iphone???

Question by Kolson R: Unlocked iphone???
I want to get a new iphone, I have heard that if you but an “unlocked” iphone that I could use it.
1. Does this “unlocking” work for the new iphone?
2. How would I go about getting my new iphone on the network with a data plan?
3. Is it even possible to unlock the new iphone??

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Answer by RiRi
i nu sum 1 who unlocked the old 1 but not da newer 1!!!!!!!!

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  1. First off, your first and third questions are basically the same!

    No one knows for sure if the new iPhone will be able to be unlocked. Apple is selling to more countries, making the phone cheaper, and also AT&T is having you sign a contract/activate the phone right then and there after you purchase it. If you do not, you may be able to purchase it pre-paid (rumors), but it will probably be at the full retail price.

    You can purchase the current iPhone and have it unlocked. As far as data plans on another network, I can not help you with that one. But I do know that it is possible.

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